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Our mission

Create an extremely effective Web site — and watch your sales rise!

New trends, technologies, expectations, etc., demand that your site be interactive and constantly updated. Having a static site is a sure way to end up in the Web site wasteland. Customers want to see new information, news, reviews, products and services, success stories, blog entries, press releases, pictures, and more. Google places a high value on pages that are updated frequently and on newly added Web pages. To keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and customer expectations, digitalD has a full suite of Web tools and ideas to enhance your online image. A Web site is, in most cases, primarily a marketing and sales tool. For a site to maximize sales and conversions, its essential components should be created by a team of experts in marketing, branding, programming, and design. The Web sites digitalD builds are HIGHLY customized, not only to our clients, but to their target audiences.

People visit Web sites with a goal in mind: to learn more, to buy a product or service, to be convinced or reassured about something, to register for information, or for any one of a number of other reasons. By understanding your customers’ goals and motivations, we can create an intuitive experience to match. We can convert visitors to clients.

Why work with us?

Strong creative skills and marketing expertise to help clients develop new corporate and product brand campaigns that work across all media

  • dedicated team of professionals whose main objective is to create innovative work that always exceeds our clients expectations

  • proactive in bringing new creative ideas to the table

  • strong reputation for design expertise, high quality standards, advanced work practices and no-nonsense reliability

  • we stay focused on results

  • forward thinking and determined

  • exceptional project management

  • we take the time to clearly understand our clients objectives and set forth a production path that keeps our clients comfortable every step of the way

  • we are still having fun doing what we enjoy most

  • The four essentials

    • Planning a Website
    • Like anything, no matter who builds your website and how much it costs you it will always turn out better when it is properly planned for. The main question to ask yourself is "What is the objective of my website?"

    • Designing a Website
    • A well designed site is a crucial element to achieving success online. If you spend a bit of time looking around you will notice that businesses with good looking websites will also have a well designed logo and print material. Why? Because they realise the importance a professional design plays in portraying themselves as a credible business.

    • Content for a Website
    • Content is undoubtedly the most import part of your website. Well worded content that not only informs and educates readers but promotes your business will do a lot to sell a client before they have even picked up the phone or started writing you an email.

    • Marketing a Website
    • The Internet is often referred to as the 'New Economy'. Just because it's new doesn't mean that the old marketing rules don't apply. In order to convert the sales, a website, like a normal business needs to market and advertise itself to potential consumers.